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"We want to take you inside the intuitive minds of crisis leaders who have been on the front line."

- Todd Manley

EarSight Studios produces unique audio experiences and advises content teams on strategies for navigating change.  This includes podcast development, branded audio, and organizational consulting.  


Founded by media innovator, Todd Manley, EarSight Studios believes in connecting brands and stories across diverse platforms.


In 2004, Todd spearheaded the launch of Chicago radio's first podcast channel: 720-To-Go... and now The Crisis Cast.


Our Communicators


Thom Serafin | Phone: 312-560-4471

Thom is one of the premier crisis consultants in the country and is known as "Communicator in Chief." He is widely respected for his own journalism background and many years as a political consultant. Thom's expertise comes from years of hands-on experience, first as a network radio correspondent covering the Illinois capital, and later in the role of press secretary for several U.S. Senate campaigns and a presidential campaign. 


Thom is the Founder and CEO of Serafin & Assoc. 

For more information on Thom, click here


Lissa Druss | Phone: 312-259-8600

Lissa doesn't sleep. She works with clients in crisis communications, government affairs and internal/external communications strategy. Lissa is known to react quickly and work tirelessly at any time, day or night, to protect and enhance her clients' reputation. She spent 21 years as a television journalist and is a nine-time Emmy award winner.


Lissa is the Founder & CEO of Strategia Consulting.

For more information on Lissa, click here.


Todd Manley | Phone: 312-330-0868

Todd is a tireless story entrepreneur. His strategies have advanced multiple heritage media brands into broad digital distribution. In 2019, Todd founded EarSight Studios following leadership roles with Chicago's WGN Radio and WXRT. He specializes in change management and leading inventive journalists across broadcast, streaming, and on-demand platforms. 

Todd is Chief Content Officer for EarSight Studios

For more information on Todd, click here.

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